University of Louisville Athletic Hall of Fame


Well today is a big day.

In sort of a small way.

I just emailed in my nomination form for CN Caldwell to the University of Louisville Athletic Hall of Fame.  My attachment to the nomination form might make a good blog article, perhaps I can figure out just how to do that.  Start with a simple cut & paste and go on from there, I suppose.




The fact is (one of the 23 words or phrases that when I use or when I hear, mean that someone is about to give an opinion)  that without computers we really couldn’t be doing this.  I could not be writing and posting this and you could not be reading it.  Even though “you” in this case is probably just me again.  So when my computer, scanner and whatever else is attached to it goes off kilter, it means trouble.  Which is where I am right now.  Fortunately, here are others in the Caldwell Kvaran Clan (I was going to do that in Icelandic, where a “C” is always a “K”, but didn’t really like the way it looked) coming to the rescue, but I  decided to try a posting, see if I could salvage one of the few of the over 300 pictures scanned that was not corrupted, just to give a taste of what is to come.  Lots of pictures and lots of music, this being the “Mud Gutter Band” from about 1914.Image